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Digital lamp post in Abuja, the amazing outdoor offer for street lamp post advertising.

Are you a media buyer, practitioner, or client looking out to advertise in Abuja?

Swiftscreen provides an amazing offer for brands to use their LED screens on lamp poles to advertising their brands or product. This offer could be accessed on an online platform for outdoor advertising known as ADSPACE


Digital lamp post in Abuja


An overview of the Lamp Post in Abuja

The digital lamp post in Abuja was installed in a row of 20 poles in an alternating manner where 10 poles faces the oncoming vehicle on the right and 10 poles on the left side of the road. This helps to ensure that impressions recorded are high from both ends.

The location is situated at Ahmadu bello way, Abuja; just by Next Cash N Carry complex where there are massive foot fall of families coming to shop for groceries and other food items.

Production guideline of the content used for the Digital Lamp post in Abuja.

  • Video size: 768 x 1536 pixels
  • Video Format: AVI, MOV
  • Duration: 15 secs
  • Provide high resolution video
  • Avoid white and more white colours in the video
  • Text font size should be big and visible
  • Use high resolution images in the video
  • Use smooth transition effect

Other detailsĀ  gathered for the Digital lamp post in Abuja

  • 20 poles of digital screens
  • Major road connecting most part of Abuja
  • 1536mm 768mm size with p8 LED screen
  • High captive viewership all during morning and evening rush hour traffic
  • 3 metres above the ground
  • Operating hours: 17 hours (7a.m to 12 midnight daily)
  • Duration of spot: 15sec
  • Spot per month: 244,800 spots


Need more details on the cost of this offer? Kindly reach out to swiftscreen or click on ADSPACE to get a discount when you book via the online platform.



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